Published in A Year In Black Art by Black Embodiment Studios.  V.2. 2019. 3-5. click to go to journal 
Arceneaux's structure was displayed in the Henry Arts Gallery, Seattle in 2019.  This structure is a walk-through wooden cabin, where within are books covered with sugar crystals or in all black. When I walk through the structure I'm guided through a maze of sorts outlined by the bookshelves. Along the walls are floor-to-ceiling slightly distorting mirrors. 
Arceneaux calls this structure a labyrinth, but I get to the end and only find a distorted view of myself. This piece allows me to redefine what knowledge is and critique any single views as truth because more than likely that single view is more of an imagined narrative than truth. Rather, we should open up to other possibilities and view the complexity of what makes up our world knowledge as well as our personal embodied knowledge.

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