I'm an essayist and visual artist who creates pieces for the sake of anti-Black resistance. My scholarship engages Black critical race theories and contemporary Black American literature and visual culture. I study the ways in which contemporary Black writers and artists build upon and repurpose the conceptual and political categories, as well as the aesthetic practices, of their literary and visual predecessors. To be more specific, my area of focus regards speculative works and theories of Black utopia/ alternative worlds. 
As an instructor, my pedagogical commitments extend from my belief that students (as one myself) understand conceptual categories when they (we) are exposed to a variety of creative and intellectual mediums; therefore, I practice and encourage multimodal and transdisciplinary analyses. I aim to engage others, within academia and the public, with the rich body of Black American cultural texts and the wide range of discourses, such as Black feminism, Black existentialism, Afrofuturism and other Black critical theories.
Contact me at Brittneyfrantece@gmail.com

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