Who Is She? 
This series is a personal and communal narrative. I have an inner self and an outer self.  I am seen in a way that does not reflect how I see myself.  Sometimes this outside perspective is caused by other's thoughts of how I should be, which often disregards who I am. The series was previously entitled I. Am. Dismantled. As I thought more about the project, I decided to change the title. I. Am. Dismantled seemed definitive. As if others' construction of myself is what I should accept. As if I should live as pieces put together by someone else. However, Who Is She? gives me the opportunity to create my own narrative and define myself. 
I want to know how we see ourselves.   
I showcased this work in a solo exhibition at The Manifest in Honolulu. 
Titles in order from Left to Right : 1. She Who Stays    2. She Who Devours Flesh     3. She Who Confronts
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