From My Experience 
This series is comprised of conceptual illustrations that portray my interactions and experiences when
existing as a Black women in predominantly white spaces. These spaces inherently keep anti-Blackness and white privilege in tact. Often I feel perpetually trapped with no other place to go. Or sometimes I just feel invisible— unseen, unheard, unacknowledged. And when I try to speak on these issues, I’m given many excuses, too many apologies. Seldom any solutions. Seldom a real attempt to dismantle the system that benefits them, while neglecting me and those who look like me. But my jar is full; I can no longer accept apologies. Something got to change.
This series showcased in the Amethyst exhibition in The Beans Gallery in Chicago.
Titles in order from Left to Right: 1. Is This Home?  2. Notes from White Folks   3. On Being Invisible
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